• T2Bacteria® Panel: It’s the first FDA-cleared and CE-marked test panel capable of identifying six common bacterial pathogens.
  • Time Efficiency: Delivers results in 3 to 5 hours directly from a whole blood sample.
  • Pathogens Detected: Includes E. faeciumS. aureusK. pneumoniaeA. baumanniiP. aeruginosa, and E. coli.
  • Clinical Relevance: These bacteria are prevalent in emergency departments and are often responsible for hospital-acquired infections.
  • ESKAPE Pathogens: Some detected species are ESKAPE pathogens, known for their virulence and resistance to empiric antimicrobial therapy.
  • Impact on Patient Care: Quick identification of these pathogens is crucial for timely and targeted treatment, which can significantly improve patient outcomes.
  • 90% Sensitivity
  • 98% Specificity

T2Dx Instrument