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All Eights

Partnering for Excellence
It is "in our blood" to seek out new trends and technologies, and explore their feasibility in our local markets. We welcome all enquiries and potential partnerships.

How can All Eights help?

Success comes from establishing genuine partnerships with our clients, working as an extension of their team.

With over 40 years of experience, we can swiftly provide market insights for potential products in our markets

We can assist with product registration in our markets and provide registration, licence holding, and logistic support for specific scenarios.

As your distributor and partner, we are able to execute an agreed-upon business plan

Our strong technical support team is ready to respond to any instrument issues.

All Eights provides logistics and comprehensive customer support for timely product delivery. All Eights maintains transparent records for end users, facilitating compliance and business planning.

All our representatives possess strong technical skills and can deliver detailed presentations on products of interest.

We work closely with key personnel on evaluation or proof-of-concept projects, helping them implement potential new projects that provide value.

Customer support is a key component of our business. We often assist them through joint CME programs and events, as well as collaborative marketing efforts to promote specific projects.

Instrumentation and automation are currently trending in our field. Our technical team is crucial to our customer service, which is an aspect we take very seriously. They receive firsthand training from our partners to ensure that they have the best skills to serve our local customers.

At All Eights, we have our own dedicated storage facility to ensure that we maintain sufficient stock levels based on usage. 

Partnering with us entails these benefits:

We have the competency, licenses, and resources to register and import medical devices into our market, complying with the relevant authorities’ requirements.

Regulatory and

Our sales team has deep knowledge of the local healthcare system and specializes in niche products. We customize marketing strategies to each market and collaborate with scientists and clinicians to explore new product uses.

Sales and

All Eights offers logistics and extensive customer support to ensure timely product delivery. We keep transparent records to help end users with compliance and business planning. With our dedicated storage facility, we maintain sufficient stock levels to meet usage demands.

Logistics and
Customer Support

We highly value technical support throughout the entire sales process. Our team, consisting of Application Specialists and Field Service Engineers, collaborates to guarantee proper installation, regular maintenance, and prompt issue resolution for our instruments.