Automated Immunoassay Analyser with the all-in-one cartridge system

AFIAS-6 is a unique integrated (sample-to-answer) system. It features 6 parallel tests of differing parameters, fast turn-around, and high sensitivity, rivalling those of the full-featured systems in commercial labs.

The OSOM Ultra Plus Flu A & B Test is an in vitro rapid qualitative test that detects influenza type A and type B nucleoprotein antigens directly from nasal swab and nasopharyngeal swab specimens obtained from patients with signs and symptoms of respiratory infection.


OSOM® Trichomonas Test:

A rapid test for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis


Rapid test for the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis. Detects elevated vaginal fluid sialidase activity, an enzyme produced by bacterial pathogens associated with bacterial vaginosis, including Gardnerella, Bacteroides, Prevotella and Mobiluncus.
  • 92.8% sensitive, 98% specific versus Gram Stain
  • 1-minute hands-on-time; 10-minute read time
  • Instant colour change provides clear, easy-to-read results.
  • QC Inside®
Detects all four major pathogens which cause BV. The test uses a vaginal swab; a speculum may not be required. Storage refrigerated at 2–8 °C.
Certifications: CLIA-waived.
Ordering information: Control kit (sold separately) includes one positive and one negative control.