NEO-BIL PLUS: An advanced version of traditional bilirubinometers.

  • Purpose: Designed to analyze ‘total bilirubin’ levels in newborns to monitor jaundice progression.
  • Experience: Over 20 years in the field of physics-chemistry led to this innovation.
  • Technology: Utilizes advanced technology to eliminate the need for frequent adjustments and standard resetting.
  • Sample Measurement: Precise measurement of bilirubin and interferentials at the same point in the capillary.
  • Sample Size: Capable of reading small quantities of serum (10 ul).
  • Reagents: No reagents are required for operation.
  • Built-in Printer: Comes with an integrated printer for sequential result printing.

This device represents a significant step forward in neonatal care, providing accurate and efficient bilirubin level monitoring.

Focus Area: Clinical Diagnostics, Laboratory Diagnostics > Molecular Diagnostics

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